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Las Injurias is a publishing house from Caracas based in Valencia, España.

We make books, with basic office supplies, under a methodology who makes the editing-production-distribution easier. The intention behind each project is to show any formal or informal process from an artist. We don’t have an specific interest, but brevity as aesthetic principle prevails as a driving force.

At the beginning the isolation, the brutality of the environment,the lack of resources, the impossibility of traveling and the lack of physical protection worked to (inspire us) create a collaborative space with other artists without the need of traveling or spending a lot of money

The minimal resources needed to create and distribute them, contrasted with it scope, are my main reason to turning into books. Thanks to internet and couriers (IPOSTEL/DHL/Fedex/Correos) Las Injurias’ editions are disseminated worldwide. Beside that, Printed Matter acts as our most important distributor.Las Injurias’ inherent character is to create a metaphysical space where time and location hasn’t meaning.

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